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    I will be at Popcon Asia this week at AA45 Legendarium booth along with @vickipangestu. We introduce you our recent project, KOLOSAL, artbook which consists of 42 colored pages, 17 tales, by 5 artists. In short, KOLOSAL is our version of Indonesia in rpg AU xD

    Be sure to visit us because there will also be some merchandises available from anime,game and movie fandoms. See you soon :D

    My join project with magemg :D and several other artists. Our book, KOLOSAL, basically Indonesia fantasy / RPG AU, 17 tales, 5 artists. Available at POPCON ASIA this wekend :D

    Look at this amazing thing my friends made!! Bolding the text a little :P

    I’d be at their table, too, do come visit us if you’re going to Popcon :D

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    More on our BDFF fanbook BRAVELY RECORDS! ^0^ Available at ComiFuro booth G4, after the con is over I’ll prepare for shipped orders :’>

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    Introducing BRAVELY RECORDS, our fanart book of Bravely Default! It has artworks from me and my friends :>
If you’re coming to ComiFuro 6-7 Sept @ GOR Otista Jakarta Timur, it’s available at booth Atermoa G4 ^^

    Introducing BRAVELY RECORDS, our fanart book of Bravely Default! It has artworks from me and my friends :>

    If you’re coming to ComiFuro 6-7 Sept @ GOR Otista Jakarta Timur, it’s available at booth Atermoa G4 ^^

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    #not much preview right now because there's still hella lot of things we need to prepare  #TOMORROW  #bravely default 


    I actually have a project of collaborative fan artbook with a bunch of (super awesome) friends. This is a preview of my own piece in the book… more details later :P

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    Phonecharms of Hoenn starters, and a Skitty x3

    also will be sold later at AFA ID and Comifuro :’>

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    Bravely Default phonecharms, also to be sold at AFA ID and Comifuro :D They are double-sided acrylics, both costumes on each side. They’re still printing right now, but so far the company has really good quality. Can’t wait to see how they turn out! x3

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    More buttons, also will be sold at AFA ID and Comifuro!

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    #pokemon  #my friends make super cute clever buttons while I  #ATTEMPT AT MEEM  #gomen 
    hitoshura0 asked: Is it possible for me to order 2 sets of those buttons. My girlfriend and I love them!


    Oh my! Thank you ;w;

    Yes actually, I’m planning for international orders for a whole bunch of my con stuff sometime later, hopefully enough time for preorders before the cons, too x’D

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    Buttons for your Pokemon feels needs! Obviously based on this gifset haha. These will be sold at local events AFA ID and Comifuro later :D

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    /stares into the fading sun

    This happened to me a lot, but there’s actually a way to save it with photoshop! If the sketch is lighter than the lineart, that is. This is how I do it:

    When that happens, I flatten the whole thing.


    And then click on Image > Adjustment > Levels


    Then click on the darkest shade of sketch you want to get rid of. In this case, the parts I circled below.


    Press OK, and there you go! 


    A clean and workable lineart!

    I hope this helps? :D


    I… oh.. 

    reblogging this again because I need it for homework! JOLLY GOOD 

    Reblogging so I can have this post on this blog! (It was originally on my personal)

    Also! This way, you can sketch and lineart all in the same layer, as long as the brightness is different, if many layers confuse you! I may have tried that once or twice myself, though I still prefer lineart on a different layer of course, for easier editing. But yeah don’t worry if you lineart on your sketch layer. The adjustment might eat a few pixels but it’s better than redoing everything, I hope.

    (via rageofkyubii)

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    it’s been a while since I drew anything ROTG related! >3<

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